Vegetarian Burgers 3-ways

Life update: although I refuse to declare my commitment to vegetarianism, due to my lack of self control when it comes to my Mum’s cooking, but having been in catered accomodation for the past year where the meat is questionable to say the least, I decided to go full veggie. Continue reading “Vegetarian Burgers 3-ways”


Cape Reinga

The most northern point of New Zealand is one seen by many. Stretching out into the vast watery distance between here and the Pacific Islands, Cape Reinga is a very simplistic tourist location.

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DIY Christmas Cards

It’s that time of the year where signs of Christmas are unavoidable. Trees covered in tinsel, lights and baubles are popping up more and more in the windows of houses clearly owned by enthusiastic Christmas lovers. Continue reading “DIY Christmas Cards”

Bountiful Bars

The gorgeous Nadia Lim’s cookbook “Let’s Eat” has opened our home to an array of amazing recipes that are both health-conscious but go that extra mile with flavour. Often, many people believe that because something is healthy, it lacks the flavour of all the naughty foods we know (and love!). However, Nadia nails the best of both worlds with her colourful  recipes. Now I used … Continue reading Bountiful Bars

Kitekite Falls

So, before this summer begins, I thought I would make a couple of posts about what I got up to last summer, as a little snippet of last year before delving into 2018. So, the question I have you for is, what can you do with a beautiful day and a full tank of petrol? “Roadtrip!”?

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Wellington: Sky Show Fireworks

Remember, remember the 5th of November. It’s Guy Fawkes guys, and you know what that means….fireworks! Every year, Wellington puts on a magnificent display of fireworks for thousands of people around the city to watch, released from a floating barge in the harbour, the display will dazzle, brighten and blow away all Wellingtonians, rain or shine. This year, it was touch and go for a … Continue reading Wellington: Sky Show Fireworks

Day trip: Lyall Bay

The thing about living smack bang in the middle of the city is that you forget about the world outside of the urban outskirts; the clear air, the waves, the beach. When there aren’t monstrous skyscraper shadows following you around everywhere, there is more beauty to be seen on a summers day like yesterday. Continue reading “Day trip: Lyall Bay”

The Little Waffle Shop

What’s that saying again…. good things always come in small packages? Or in this case, small shops. The Little Waffle Shop is exactly what it says on the tin! Simplistic is sometimes the way to go: just two window shutters that open up to a world of sweetness squeezed into what looks like nothing more than a few square metres of space, if that!  Continue reading “The Little Waffle Shop”