NZ Fashion Brand Faves

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”- Mark Twain

I like Mark Twain, he has a rather matter-of-fact insight on things which I find difficult not to like.

I thought that it was time I paid a little attention to the Fashion side of Auckland, a rather large and dominant side all around the city. Fashion is a language that speaks for itself, you know? It influences first impressions and judgements, it also says a lot about the person wearing them without even uttering a word. Therefore, fashion sense is a very powerful and important thing, hence why I care about it so much, though I know many people don’t. There are people who wake up every day, put on the same old clothes and leave the house without any thought of what or “who” they are wearing, whereas others give their life to fashion and presenting themselves as on-trend and “fashionable”. Continue reading “NZ Fashion Brand Faves”