Bedford Soda & Liquor

You know the saying…”When in Rome…”, usually said in a case of when you end up giving in to the temptation of another indulgence, after very little persuasion, purely for the fact that you might as well just do it? Well…that would be why I have ended up at another place for lunch in the company of cocktails…oh and my friends, of course. However, this … Continue reading Bedford Soda & Liquor

Casa Del Gelato

America has many milkshake abominations, Australia has multiple milkshake crazes surfacing left, right and centre (check them out here, they are amazing!), and even little New Zealand has it’s very own chocolate-filled surprise hiding within Parnell, in a small, deceptive cafe called Casa Del Gelato. If you’re guilty pleasure is chocolate, this place is for you because there is certainly no shortage of sweetness here. Continue reading “Casa Del Gelato”

Franklin Road Christmas Lights

“The best things in life aren’t things.” -Art Buchwald

Every year, as a festive tradition, this particular road off of Ponsonby pulls out all the stops when it comes to Christmas decorations: lights, snow and inflatable Santas galore! Typically, Franklin Road Christmas lights are the type of thing that is ideal for a cute family outing or couple’s date night, but I decided to go with a group of my best friends and push through the PDA barrier to enjoy the beautiful array of lights displayed along each side of the street. Continue reading “Franklin Road Christmas Lights”


“If you beg a man for victory, it’s his victory, not yours” – Stokely Carmichael

Having studied black civil rights for the past couple of months in History at school, I have really developed an appreciation for the amount of time and effort that those people involved dedicated to the cause that Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders such as Malcom X and Stokely Carmichael. It’s Martin Luther King who everyone knows; a household name. And yet these other men made a huge difference to the movement in different ways and hardly anyone has heard of them, I know that I didn’t up until a few weeks ago. Have you? This is why I love history as a subject, because not only does one learn the facts, but one can relate to the particular period and people in that time just by learning about them, therefore seeing what we have adapted from to become what we are today. It’s just something to think about.

ANYWAY, on to the actual topic of my blog post today, Dizengoff. A little cafe in Ponsonby just beyond Nosh supermarket. I found this place by chance searching for inspiration on Google, literally typing in “good cafes in Ponsonby” after I was assigned Cafe-finder by Mum after I insisted that I really did not mind. Dizengoff popped up accompanied by blazing five stars and glowing reviews so obviously I thought it was a no brainer that this would be the place to go for breakfast that Sunday morning. Continue reading “Dizengoff”

Mekong Baby

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts and end to mankind.” – John F.Kennedy

Firstly, as it is ANZAC Day today, I would like to pay my respects to the brave men and women who contributed their efforts to the War and the men who lost their lives at Gallipoli. Lest We Forget.

On a lighter note, I have something wonderful in store for today’s post! Let me introduce to you, Mekong Baby Restaurant & Bar, situated in Ponsonby this place is one of my go-to locations for lunch, dinner or a special occasion! They offer an open window in to Southeast Asian cuisine in a decadent, authentic way…meaning the chefs do not hold off on the spices!  Continue reading “Mekong Baby”