Mermaid Pools

I’ve learnt that to become a Matapouri mermaid, you actually need legs. Why, you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on that one later on. Firstly, i’ll introduce you to the beautiful beach that is Matapouri (as seen below). Approximately 40 minutes drive north-east from Whangarei, this beach can be found alongside the heart of suburbia and buzzing with all kinds of people. Stretched on the … Continue reading Mermaid Pools

Cape Reinga

The most northern point of New Zealand is one seen by many. Stretching out into the vast watery distance between here and the Pacific Islands, Cape Reinga is a very simplistic tourist location.

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Kitekite Falls

So, before this summer begins, I thought I would make a couple of posts about what I got up to last summer, as a little snippet of last year before delving into 2018. So, the question I have you for is, what can you do with a beautiful day and a full tank of petrol? “Roadtrip!”?

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“I’m not into curatorial arrogance. I want people to enjoy what they see, and what the like, and not to be told that they shouldn’t like it because it’s childish or colourful.” – Anthony Grant, co-developer of Sculptureum™. Continue reading “Sculptureum”

Wenderholm Regional Park

Update: I am leaving Auckland tomorrow, as I am moving down to Wellington to study at Victoria university. This means that Little City Window is officially relocating, still maintaining the city living, but on the other end of the North Island. It’s going to be such an adventure and I will be continuing on my blog as best I can. However, I will most likely not … Continue reading Wenderholm Regional Park

Te Arai Roadtrip

The one thing I regret about the past five years living in New Zealand is the lack of exploring and adventures that I have failed to pursue. There is so much to see in New Zealand, always with different treasures to offer, always providing a beautiful view. Now that my friends and I have our licenses, the idea of going on road trips is much more of an achievable … Continue reading Te Arai Roadtrip

Auckland Wintergardens

Sometimes, it’s just nice to do something a little cultural and a little peaceful; something to calm you down and give you a breather from the big, bad world out there. For some, it may seem that walking through a series of glorified greenhouses filled with plants would be nothing more than a cause for yawning, but I actually found Auckland’s Wintergardens to be something of subtle … Continue reading Auckland Wintergardens

Strawberry Picking in Kumeu

Guilty pleasures, day trips and cute excursions to new places is one way to spend a sunny day with your friends. However, there is no guilt in relation to my unconditional love for strawberries. Ever since I was a young girl I have adored these sweet, ripe red berries, eating vast amounts of them in one sitting and gorging myself on them at every chance I got. Mum would bring home a punnet of them from the supermarket and would have to hide them from me in order to keep them from being eaten. So, as you can probably tell, I am undeniably a strawberry fan. Therefore, when my friend Georgia suggested we go strawberry picking as a group activity, I was definitely up for it.
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