La Cigale: The French Market

“The hardest thing is to take less when you can have more” -Kin Hubbard

Bonjour, ça va?!

I was thinking the other day where would be a good place for my next blog post and this immediately came to mind, a market that cannot be passed up. What a better way to spend a Sunday morning than among the buzz of people and scents of fresh pastries. I had planned an excessively long sleep in but the blog comes first!


There is a little goldmine of a market in Parnell called La Cigale that is a seemingly unimpressive group of tents at first glance, but once explored it becomes known that there is much more to offer than your middle-of-the-road market stall products. FYI this place has been voted Best Food Market by Metro Magazine for 8 years running! That’s something quite impressive, is it not? So, imagine a normal market: fresh veges, cheeses, some bits and bobs, handmade goodies; then imagine a bustling french café with fresh pastries laid out in front of you; now picture a homeware store filled with old ceramics, French-style antiques and an abundance of scented soaps. That is La Cigale. A ménage à trois (is that too cheeky?) or rather a marriage of a marketplace, shop and café rolled into one small area of land to offer a range of cultural cuisine for anyone to purchase.  Continue reading “La Cigale: The French Market”