Queen’s Birthday on Queens Wharf

“I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Apparently that quote is legitimate.

Happy Belated Birthday to the Queen. Well in fact, her actual birthday in is April so that would be very belated but this celebrated bank holiday corresponds with that of the potentially best weather possible (obviously directed at Northern Hemisphere seasonal climates) so that one can celebrate the birth of the Queen beneath sunny skies.11329579_10206205550432967_1466043928_n

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Auckland Art Gallery

“If you wipe a dirty spot off the wall you’ve removed it, but you haven’t eliminated it. You’re stuck with a dirty cloth you didn’t have before” – Billy Apple

Today I had my intake of culture in the form of Art. It was a spur of the moment decision to visit the Auckland Art Gallery as my friend Georgia and I were already in the city having walked from Ponsonby to Queen St, we opted to kill some time in the midst of creative design while we waited for our friend to arrive in the city from a football game. After scabbing a free hot chocolate from Gloria Jean’s Coffee, because Georgia conveniently had a free coffee on her loyalty card and kindly offered to buy me one, we headed up to the gallery nearby. A perfect hot chocolate to me is topped with a plentiful, light layer of froth and Gloria Jean’s Baristas got it just right, Thank You!  Continue reading “Auckland Art Gallery”