Best Ugly Bagels

Everyone has those places they are determined to visit but never seem to get around to going. Amongst my long, winding list of these locations was Best Ugly Bagels: something I wouldn’t exactly refer to as a restaurant but is more than your average café. The classic rustic bread and topping combination made fancy but…actually not? Ever heard of that before? Definitely. So, why is this place any different from any other bagel shop?

Honestly, I don’t often eat bagels and seldom visit bagel shops for that matter, which makes my conclusions somewhat lacking in research and validity. However, I know good food when I taste it and if that isn’t a simple enough way of evaluating a place to eat, then I don’t know what is.  Continue reading “Best Ugly Bagels”


Bird On A Wire

Looking out on to Hurstmere Road, with the sun shining and people wandering by, lunchtime at Bird On A Wire really gave me a sense of summer and serenity. As I sat at the window bench with Mum beside me, I people-watched, one of my favourite activities, seeing people of all types walking past wondering things that you’d only wonder if you were in such a state of sentimentality as one who takes the time out of their day to just sit and watch life go by. Where do all of these people come from? What kind of lives do they live?


All of these insignificant questions that are only provoked by the calmness instilled by a harmonious place like Bird On A Wire. I loved the contrast between the hustle and bustle of Hurstmere Street and the communal, yet calm interior of Bird On A Wire, with a reasonably spread seating arrangement, benches for larger groups and window benches for people who like to watch the world go by. Continue reading “Bird On A Wire”

Café Hanoi

“Good talk saves the food” – Unknown Proverb

What better way to spend a day of school than a trip to the city. Before you object, no I was not faking a sickie, I had the day off because mock exams have started at my school and I happened to not have an exam on Wednesday and had some important errands to run. So, after having got an hour or two of biology study, Mum and I jumped on the ferry and sailed over to the city. It’s strange how we live so close to the city centre and yet I find myself sitting on the ferry, wondering when the last time I had been over and finding it was about at least a month before! Either time flies or I am not adventurous enough…or both! Continue reading “Café Hanoi”