About Me

Hey there, do you ever feel like there is something more to be discovered but you just can’t quite put your finger on what it is yet? Me too, so it appears that we are both in the right place!

The Shorty Herself

My name is Evie, I’m a 17-year-old school student who moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2012 with my Mum, it was a new country, a new life and a new start and it’s only until now, with a push from my big sister, than I thought it would be worth sharing the wonders of this big city all the way down at the bottom of the globe with the rest of the world! I wanted to start this blog, not only to get me off my bum and do to something different with my life, but also to show everyone that new countries are worth exploring and what living the Auckland city life with a broken bank with typically expensive taste looks like! Hopefully I can inspire you and show you how to (or not to!) break the bank the RIGHT way and enjoylittle culture along the way.

Welcome to your little window into my Auckland!

Enjoy! x


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