Smoothie Bowl

In all honesty, I am surprised that a pop-up store such as this has only just appeared in Takapuna – the style capital of the North Shore. I’ve found that trends pass through relatively quickly: first the influx of frozen yogurt stores, then vegan-inspired cafes and pretty cupcakes, followed by the smoothie bowl. This is arguably a long-lasting trend as Instafamous personalities have been posting snaps of beautifully articulated “acai bowls”  for several years now, as they sit on a beach in Bali with a glowing tan that I can’t believe I will ever successfully attain. But that’s just it, there’s the clincher. A small part of all of us want to BE that person, we want to live spectacular lives like that and what better way that to start with the most attainable aspect…the smoothie bowls!


Smoothie Bowl is a new addition to the Hurstmere strip, centred in the small town of Takapuna. However, it’s more difficult to find than you think. Tucked in away behind Jam cafe and Bian sushi, the Smoothie Bowl pop up store immediately appeals to the eye as you walk around the corner and spot a quaint little building, faceted with glass windows and adorned with turquoise colouring, soothing the mind at first glance. Walking in to the store, a small but not cramped interior, you find yourself drawn to the asymmetry and colour co-ordination of the place.


As for the smoothies themselves, there is quite a range of complex combinations provided for the customers’ perusal. My initial thought when looking at the menu was that their prices were quite steep to say the least, and I still would argue that for the size of the bowl itself, this is the case. However, given the high quality of the fresh ingredients, I would say that the pricing isn’t entirely unreasonable for what you receive. At the end of the day, it’s a blessing for your body and sometimes it is good to treat yourself.


I would also say that they are definitely a meal in themselves. With a heavy base of banana – and more often than not coconut cream – the smoothies are given a thick and almost pudding-like consistency that makes them seem more like a dessert than a beverage. As for the classic smoothies, for a smaller price, you get more of a liquified beverage, served in a takeaway cup and filled almost to the brim, but admittedly not as photogenic as the bowls.

Mango Passion Smoothie Bowl ($12)

Think of it as buying a bowl of muesli or a smoothie bowl from a cafe. Do not be deceived by the size or lack of table service. These sweet little bowls are packed with nutrients and vitamins and don’t spare any flavour and they are takeaway! If you’re a sucker for beautiful looking food just like me, then I guarantee you will love this place, but that’s for me to know and you to find out!

Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl ($14)

Treat your body the way you want it to treat you!

Evie x



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