Superbad Soul Section at The Rogue & Vagabond

Every once in a while, there comes a time when all you need in life is an age-old throwback to the songs that echoed through your childhood, playing nostalgically from the car radio. Those ones that as you cringed at your parents singing at the top of their lungs to Prince’s ‘Kiss’, you had no idea it would bring such good memories to your life in the future. Or was that just an echo of me from last Saturday night at the Rogue and Vagabond?


I guess that you could say my New Years Resolution this year was to always try something new, see something I’ve never seen before and always take the opportunity to make new friends. Well, in this case, I managed to nail all three. The Saturday before last, the Rogue and Vagabond hosted a Prince vs Bowie night, performed by the Superbad Soul Section, who I must admit were quite a peculiar arrangement of people, which is both awesome and intriguing. As one of Wellington’s very own cover bands, Superbad Soul Section absolutely owned this gig, with incredibly uncanny vocals from lead singer Katie McCarthy-Burke who was phenomenal – this is Prince we are talking about. It’s rare to find someone who can accurately re-enact that high pitch tune in Kiss.

In the words of the friends I went with – “I’m obsessed!” – the band not only had admirable talent but a huge amount of energy and I think that the best part of going to a live gig of such a casual nature is that you get to see the real, honest side of the band members, up close and personal with their personalities. Honestly, I had a huge girl crush on the lead singer, she was out-of-this-world talented. As for the venue…it held this kind of atmosphere that oozed an understated retro vibe, with the type of lighting that pulls you into a calm state of being, easy to float through the crowd in. I suppose that with intimate gigs like this, or even just in bars like this, the demographic is much more mature and frankly, interesting. As much as a I love the bars on Courtenay Place on a Saturday night, a change of scene is always appreciated and the Rogue and Vagabond was just that.


Admittedly, I know the Rogue and Vagabond only from my experience on this night, and not of it as a bar in general. However, it definitely exudes the aura of compelling stories and a good, casual yarn with the barman. From a student perspective, I confess, I am probably not entirely well informed on the reality of the Rogue and Vagabond by day. However, I did notice that they provide $2 Tacos on Tuesday, and that in itself is enough to make me wonder about scoping it out again. All I can say is that I hope more gigs like this happen…and to think I wasn’t originally going to go. What a shame that would have been.

Moral of the story? See an opportunity, and take it. I guarantee you will probably miss out on something. Trust me!

Party on kiddos x


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