So, I have a question.

You have a big exam coming up this afternoon. You’ve spent all week stuck inside, studying for over 50+ hours and now the day has actually arrived. Are you going to: A) stay inside all morning panicking and hurriedly scrambling through your notes? B) sleep in until an hour before the exam and get up and go? Or C) go for a walk and make the most of the beautiful blue sky outside before you are stuck in an exam room for 2 hours?

Yesterday, I was actually planning on going for the second option. However, this morning I woke up and I realised that I couldn’t let another of these stunning, sunny days go by while I am stuck in a room all day working on a multitude of law concepts. Also, knowing my luck, the rain will set in tomorrow and I’ll have regretted my decision not to admire the amazing city that I reside in in it’s full sparkling glory because of stress. Did you choose A? Are you re-thinking your answer a bit now?

Well, if you’re not then you will be after I tell you about Shake…



I know that “freakshakes” are perhaps a bit overrated now for some people, and that in reality they seriously are a meal and a half…but then why are they still so irresistible to the eye? Just check out the one below! It’s practically art, and the only way to appreciate art is to comprehend and live in it’s beauty. The same goes for these milkshakes, except in order to appreciate them you can actually consume them as well as admire them. What a treat!

On this particular occasion, my friends Sarah and Anna shared a Raspberry and White Choc Chip milkshake ($9), but there was a huge range of flavours, from Salted Caramel Popcorn to Tahitian Lime. Though the price may seem a little steep for something so easily consumed, I would say that the experience at Shake itself is worthwhile, and I say this from the perspective of someone who didn’t even have a milkshake! Thank you dairy intolerance!


I have to admit, Shake offers some very impressive shakes. Obviously, it was 11am and just after breakfast so my friends and I weren’t exactly keen for a huge milkshake but we couldn’t help but admire the efforts of the previous shakes on offer. There were ones with whole ice-cream cones filled with indulgent goodies..and that was just as a topping! The current special shake is shown below in this picture. What amazes me is how they balance everything and then serve it. I feel as though I would be too scared of dropping it!

Although, I think that my favourite part about this place was the interior; so art-deco and funky with it’s odd furniture and pastel palette of colours plastered on the walls, combined to effortlessly carry off the casually messy look. The occasional burst of greenery added in a calming natural edge and the interactive chalkboard quality of one pillar invited our childish tendencies to pick up the chalk pieces and get creative! If you ever visit, I cheekily wrote Little City Window’s URL on there and the classic “evie was here” right at the bottom. Creative… I know.



I mean, how cute is that!

OH, AND I forgot the best part. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see those bikes with the green roofs. Well, those are called Crocodile bikes and at a reasonable $16.50 you can ride a 3-seater for half an hour around the city! There are 6-seaters too for a bit more. Yes, this is on my bucket list don’t worry. I’ll be back!

For now, my law exam is over and I have 12 days to kill before my next one. Therefore, there will hopefully be plenty of proactive exploration going on and you know what that means…MORE POSTS…and probably another visit to Shake for a celebratory milkshake, so stick around!

Evie x

P.S if you’re interested in checking out this place, the location and website is listed below:

5/22 Herd Street
New Zealand


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