Dirty Little Secret

It’s just as promiscuous as it sounds. This Dirty not-so-little Secret is a tempting enclave situated on top of the Wellingtonian world, looking down on the hustle and bustle of Courtenay Place. A haven for students needing an escape from the dregs of Scrumpy left in their bottles from the previous night and the ultimate quencher for the 9-to-5-induced thirst perched on the lips of every Sangria lover in town. I think it’s safe to say that this bar is the place to go. How apt it is that such a funky little city would pull it off with the style of a Melbourne rooftop bar, the sophistication of a high-class cocktail bar and maintain the relaxed aura of any Kiwi establishment.


As a student, you are constantly having to make up excuses or justify the reasons as to why you are at such a nice place, drinking cocktails, when you complain about having no money all the time. In all honesty, sometimes you just have to splash out to make yourself feel a little bit sane amongst all the routine of the over-worked, over-intoxicated student life. What better way to do than with ANOTHER drink! That’s right, another. It’s Friday night and why not start off the night sophisticated, and leave the rest to the cocktails!


The thing about cocktails is that they are temptingly sweet-looking and entirely irresistible, but frankly you can realistically only really afford one or two going for about $15+ and so you have got to make the right decision, otherwise you end up looking longingly at the one your friend ordered beside you. Me? A jug of rosé sangria…split two ways…sorted. However, for those feeling a little more adventurous, there was Mariam’s exciting lucid green concoction of melon vodka and something else deliciously sweet (pictured above). Meg: a classy espresso martini to-go. Then, there was the Long Island Ice Teas…which I have been sworn off since a certain 21st birthday party a few summers ago. I never look back. Then again, Brax seemed to handle them better than I ever could…


OH. I also forgot to mention that this little number is a ROOFTOP bar. If it wasn’t cool enough already! Funky graffiti walls, box crate seating and a stunning view of the nightlife, Dirty Little Secret is no enigma, for i’ll be raving about this place for a while to come, and now you know the secret too. So go and check it out! More importantly, good luck finding it! It’s not call a secret for nothing!


Level 8
Hope Gibbons Building
7-11 Dixon Street
Wellington, 6012
New Zealand

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 12pm-2am

Sidenote: I am so sorry that it has been so long since I posted last, this student life is actually kind of demanding! Once my exams are over, I promise to dedicate myself to renewing Little City Window to it’s former glory with all the exciting adventures around Wellington to come.


Shhhh! x


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