Wenderholm Regional Park

Update: I am leaving Auckland tomorrow, as I am moving down to Wellington to study at Victoria university. This means that Little City Window is officially relocating, still maintaining the city living, but on the other end of the North Island. It’s going to be such an adventure and I will be continuing on my blog as best I can. However, I will most likely not be posting for a little while as I don’t think my diary has ever been this full for a month before. Once I have settled into life in Wellington, I promise to pick LCW back up again and give you all a taste of more NZ!


Therefore, due to my imminent departure, Mum and I had a little Mummy-Daughter day on Sunday to make the most of my time left in Auckland and living at home. It is very weird to think that I probably won’t live full-time in my family home ever again. Adulthood is slowly approaching and I am not quite sure how to feel about it! Although, I have a little while to go before I have to worry about paying electricity bills, so I can’t really complain, can I?


ANYWAY. Enough about me and more about this stunning regional park. Wenderholm is quite underrated in my opinion, and yet it offers so much for the family day out, or the avid roadtripper. It offers campsites to stay in, a beach to swim in, an estuary where you can paddleboard and kayak, and even a bit of New Zealand history found at Couldrey House.

Luckily, Mum and I chose a beautiful day to visit. For her birthday, Mum received a paddle board, otherwise known as a SUP (Stand-up paddleboard). Ever since, she has been dying to use it as much as possible (dependent on the weather of course). However, the weather has unfortunately been rather temperamental and our New Zealand “summer” has been somewhat of a disappointment. Therefore, I thought that one last paddle board together on a beautiful day would lift her spirits and distract from the thoughts of me leaving.


There was something about walking through Wenderholm that struck me, whether it was the sheer beauty of the nature within it, or the way the light was reflected, passing through the trees, but I couldn’t help but feel exceptionally calm and peaceful there. This was exactly what I needed to calm my nerves/excitement for University next week.


Wenderholm is also conveniently close to Puhoi, a little town that lies beside a river of the same name. I have kayaked down the river from Puhoi to Wenderholm twice before, which only takes around 30minutes to an hour. Both places have their charms, Puhoi offers lots of little tracks for short walks around the countryside; Wenderholm, as mentioned before, provides plenty of space for lots of family activities. Frankly, it’s a no brainer and I am not entirely sure why I haven’t facilitated such a space as the means for a road trip destination before!?

Don’t make the same mistake I did!


Will be back soon guys. Until then xx


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