The Kiwi Experience


This time I have a good excuse for not posting for a while. I have been indulging the wanderlust within me, having taken two weeks out to travel the South Island of New Zealand. Beginning at Christchurch and moving anti-clockwise around the world-renowned home of the 8th wonder of the world.

Firstly, being a student with limited funding, I needed to find a way of travelling around that would be cheap, yet comfortable and easy before I left for my trip. The Kiwi Experience bus was just this. For those more intrepid travellers, you are probably rolling your eyes at this as I could just as easily have hitchhiked and slept in a tent the whole time if I really wanted to save money. However, being an 18-year old girl and first time traveller, I decided it would be safer to depend on a little organisation. I can tell you that it was probably one of the best ways of getting around. The Kiwi Experience offers multiple different routes around New Zealand, getting from A to B in a bus like this one…


The route that my friend Emily and I decided to take was the Southern Round Up with the Milford Sound add-on. This trip included hotspots such as Franz Josef, Queenstown and Milford Sound. Possibly the best part about using the Kiwi Experience to organise our trip was that all of the best places to go were included. Better still, throughout the drives from one place to another, there were several stops to places like Lake Matheson and the Pancake Rocks that perhaps would have been missed out if I were to have travelled another way around the island. Costing me approximately $2000 in total, I would say that the trip did prove itself worthy in terms of finance, for Kiwi Experience provided means of transport, guaranteed accomodation and discounted activities! Sounds good already, right?


Without the worries of whether we had a bed to sleep in every night, Emily and I were able to focus on the stunning landmarks and geographical beauty of New Zealand.

So, I have separated my trip into parts for you all to admire the beauty of New Zealand and my experiences individually. First stop Kaiteriteri and the West Coast!

I promise that by the end of them you will be begging to fly over here and do the trip yourself!

Here goes x


One thought on “The Kiwi Experience

  1. Thank you so much for this post!! You have really helped me ! 😄 I have been looking for a NZ vacation but didn’t really like the offers from the agencies I found!
    I definitely gonna check them out this looks like so much fun! 😍


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