Te Arai Roadtrip

The one thing I regret about the past five years living in New Zealand is the lack of exploring and adventures that I have failed to pursue. There is so much to see in New Zealand, always with different treasures to offer, always providing a beautiful view. Now that my friends and I have our licenses, the idea of going on road trips is much more of an achievable reality than a dream. One can only be inspired by all of those music videos, with fast cars, tops down, windows open, hair flying in the wind, hands in the air. Yeah… it’s not quite like that in our cars but it’s certainly close enough. There is definitely lost of fighting-the-hair-out-of-your-face situations when the wind is whipping through the open windows, but that’s all part of the experience.

Therefore, as a result of my adventure deficiency, I took the liberty of suggesting a little road trip to my group of girls on Labour Day because we had the day free from school, and I felt that with exams coming up these free days should not be wasted sitting around doing nothing.


Enthusiastic for an escape from the city, Georgia, Emily and I hopped into G’s car and headed for Te Arai, blissfully ignorant (by choice) of the holiday traffic that would await us on the way home. Te Arai is a beach on the east coast of the North Island, neighboured by Mangawhai and Pakiri, another two beautiful sandy beaches. Infamous for it’s surfing and beautiful views, Te Arai is only approximately an hour and a half drive from the North Shore, even less on a good day. The best part is, you have the best pick of the east coast nearby, with Mangawhai, Omaha, Tawharanui beaches and Matakana village, making the temptation of a day trip with multiple destinations purely irresistible.


Also, you may have noticed that all three of us are wearing very similar outfits. THIS WAS NOT PLANNED GUYS. It just goes to show that if you spend enough time with a group of people, you gradually merge aspects of each others personalities: finishing each others sentences, borrowing clothes, wearing and saying the same things. It’s inevitable yet still unexpected every time!



We were very fortunate with the weather on this day, after having a week of a temperamental climate and discouraging clouds in Auckland, we drove right into a day of bluer skies than we had left behind in the urban rain. Not quite a cloudless day, but there hung a comforting warmth to make our day trip enjoyable and our ice-cream on the journey home justifiable. Te Arai provided a means for exploration, a little climbing, a calming beach walk and a beautiful view of the East coast. What more could you want?

There will be more road trip posts to come! Now summer is approaching and I can almost taste my freedom, wanderlust is overwhelming me. Watch this space!




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