Pore Strips

I have discovered my new favourite skincare miracle. Pore strips. Now, I know that I am very late to just on the bandwagon and that these things have been around for ages. However, before last Friday I was a pore strip virgin, and now…well now, I never want to go back. It’s a bit of a unsavoury topic, the up-close-and-personal view of teenage skin, but anyone reading this with the same problem as myself…you will thank me later.

Having horrible, unruly and untrustworthy teenage skin, I am constantly battling with the annoyance that are blackheads, and resisting the overwhelming temptation to push and prod my skin hoping that they will go away soon but that is a battle myself and many other adolescents must deal with. This is why wonderful discoveries like pore strips make a day in the life of a teenage girl so much more bearable. With clear pores, one feels like they can conquer the world…theoretically, that is. Yet, it does make a huge difference to one’s confidence. I believe that confidence is the key to true beauty, and I have been very conscious recently about my skin, and I am certain that I am not alone on that. It’s so hard to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, we can’t all be Cindy Crawford or Jennifer Lopez.


So, I finally made the decision to venture out to Farmers and FINALLY purchase myself some pore strips after my friend Lilly came in to school earlier in the week telling me about how much she enjoyed using them. I was always a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend $12 on 6 pore strips and for them not to work. In all honesty, I was never really convinced by them after hearing many stories about their lack success, but I think that is due to high expectations of pulling out huge blackheads and then to be disappointed. It’s funny that many people find a satisfaction out of popping a spot, or squeezing blackheads, because in truth it is pretty disgusting. The same applies to Pore Strips, they aren’t particularly pleasant things, bringing out the impurities in your skin and holding them there for you to see before your own eyes, and yet it is very satisfying to get a result that reassures you that your pores are officially and properly cleansed.

I attempted the Before and After shots but, fortunately for you readers, the terrible quality of my camera didn’t pick out the pores in my face so sadly you are stuck with this au natural picture of moi with a pore strip on…


I came out of the bathroom just now, and Mum turned and said “you’re not going out like that, are you? It looks like you’ve just had a nose job”. Thanks Mum!

I’m sure there are millions of brands of pore strip and I am now going to try and find the best ones because I love them. Even if they don’t do much, it’s a nice feeling to think that I am actually putting effort into caring for my skin, rather than complaining about it and doing nothing about it.

Try these out! I also recommended Vitamin E tablets…I use the Red Seal brand and my skin has improved SO much since!

Any other skin tips? Put in the comments below, they are always welcome!

Evie x



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