Bedford Soda & Liquor

You know the saying…”When in Rome…”, usually said in a case of when you end up giving in to the temptation of another indulgence, after very little persuasion, purely for the fact that you might as well just do it? Well…that would be why I have ended up at another place for lunch in the company of cocktails…oh and my friends, of course.

However, this time it was not me doing the drinking, for I was the responsible driver of the day but felt that using mocks as an excuse for my friends and I to do some sophisticated daytime drinking and a taking trip to Ponsonby could not be passed up. So, despite the rain pouring down and the city skyline being out of sight behind a grey wall of fog, us three ventured out, jumbled into my little red car, Jammy, and drove across the bridge to Ponsonby.


Ponsonby Central is essentially a complex of a little bit of everything: there’s plenty of food with origins ranging across the world, various clothing stores, a charming market of fresh produce and even a barber! I guess you could say, in a very true sense, it has everything one could ever need: food, shelter, warmth and plenty of social hotspots.


Amongst this lively bunch of buzzy stores, lies a discrete little cocktail bar called Bedford Soda & Liquor. Having discovered this place on Instagram, I was admittedly basing my expectations off the exciting looking array of colourful cocktails and fancified bar snacks I had scrolled through before walking in through the doors. This can often be a risky move. However, I can safely say that my expectations were not disappointed. Frankly, I am already planning to go back, when I don’t have to drive, to try out the mystical turquoise cocktails that they serve in glass orbs. Yeah, I told you this place was cool. Check out their Instagram here to see what I am talking about.


And what better way to start off the meal with a fruity cocktail…or soda in my case. In all honesty, with the rain continuously falling outside, I couldn’t think of a better way to put a splash of summer into our day. On the other hand, in regards to our summer bodies…well, our order of shoestring fries ($6), Tater Tots with bacon ($8), Onion Rings ($6) and Chicken Pesto meatballs ($12) somewhat defeated that seasonal aspect. Nevertheless, the outcome was pretty impressive for the amount it had cost us.


This classy, deep fried ensemble had my friends and I leaving with a two takeaway boxes of Tater tots as we were unable to finish the unexpectedly large bowl of them that we had bought for only $8. In my opinion, Bedford Soda & Liquor is THE ideal hangover spot for those who fancy something a little more ornate than your average McDonalds fries or leftover pizza. Seriously, how can these crispy tater tots, loaded with bacon not make you want to leap from yours bed, battle through skinny Ponsonby backstreets and find a parking space just so you can try these? Exactly. My case is closed.


I think it’s about time you treated yourself, is it not?

Check it out at:

Or visit at:

Ponsonby Central,
Shop 10,
Cnr of Richmond Rd and Richmond Lane,

Happy indulging everyone! x



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