Auckland Wintergardens

Sometimes, it’s just nice to do something a little cultural and a little peaceful; something to calm you down and give you a breather from the big, bad world out there. For some, it may seem that walking through a series of glorified greenhouses filled with plants would be nothing more than a cause for yawning, but I actually found Auckland’s Wintergardens to be something of subtle magnificence. Although, a Biology trip to the museum nearby could make anyone think this, take it merely as a point of contrast from a less acute perspective.


Admirable or not, the Wintergardens definitely provided a sense of peace and serenity for me, and quite a nice break from learning about the history of evolution. It remained appropriately topical to the purpose of the day, of course, being a logical progression from the biological context of the museum to that of the Wintergardens. But obviously, I wasn’t there to study the plants in-depth for the purpose of learning, more so for the peaceful aesthetic and a spot to sit for lunch.


I guess I would have to admit that the Wintergardens is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re ever wandering around the Auckland Domain, it’s definitely worth a look or just as a good source of shelter from the rain!


This is obviously a simple post because there really is not much more to say about this place, other than what is said on the tin. Nevertheless, if you can appreciate a little bit of natural beauty, then I would see no reason as to why you would not want to stroll through the sub-tropical temperatures of the Wintergarden greenhouses. Budding part-time gardeners, photographers, biologists and those with an appreciation for life unite at the Wintergardens to take in the simple beauty in it’s most innate form: nature.


There’s my little bohemian moment over, but I think that it is important to take some time out in our busy, busy lives to literally sit and smell the flowers. Moments like these have the potential to change your perspective on any issue, big or small. Try it some time, you might be surprised.

Be happy everyone xx


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