Tok Tok

Soooooooooo… I am probably the most useless and laziest blogger there is. It has been a long 2 months (!!!) since I have posted anything or even looked at my blog and I am frankly ashamed! However, now that the pressure from school has eased ever so slightly and the holidays are nearing, I feel as though my blogging obsession will be reawakened shortly, and the world will, once again, be a more exciting place. Or in other words, I will be out of the house more, involving myself in activities outside of my normal, boring routine…and it will be summertime! Bring out the cocktails everyone!

Anyway, in order to blow away the cobwebs from the dark, studying stoop from which I have shaken myself, Mum took me out for a delicious fusion lunch in Takapuna this afternoon.


You know when you notice that a new place has opened nearby, but it seems to take you ages to even get around to finding an excuse to go there? Well that was TokTok for me. Secluded behind illusive palm trees, sitting beside a roundabout on Hurstmere Road -arguably the trendiest road in Takapuna- I would say that TokTok is a hidden gem. Although fusion south-east asian cuisine is nothing new to the culture of western society, it still always seems to excite me with all of it’s blissful colours and flavours. I can definitely say that it is one of my favourite cuisines, because you can never, ever complain about the lack of flavour or how “boring” it is. Fusion food always keeps me guessing with the exotic names for everything (I know that makes me sound incredibly uncultured), but it assuredly adds an element of adventure when you have absolutely no idea that this fancy dish that you cant pronounce is essentially just fancy asian cabbage and a piece of fish. Albeit delicious, the naming of the dish is certainly an advantage to attracting the adventurous side of a customer.


Me though, I do love the good ol’ classic Salt ‘N’ Pepper Squid. Unmistakably, this dish is the go-to for any amateur fusion palette, it’s aim is only to please.


The same goes for these bitesize pieces of heaven. Popping prawns. Popping sounds exciting, right? However, I failed to remember that this would inevitably mean spice would be involved in the making of this dish, and subsequently had my tongue tingling from the chilli for a while after trying them. Admittedly, having originated from England, where the general level of spiciness comes nowhere close to those of the traditional Indian or Vietnamese favourites, my ability to handle spice is decidedly below par. Luckily, I had my cocktail to cool that situation down.


The combination of this Miss Saigon Cocktail and the thrill of having finally finished my mock exams had me a little bit giggly by the end of the meal, and there is nothing more tempting that a cocktail with a Maraschino cherry on top of it. It’s positively screaming “holiday!’.

I would say that finishing a long, hard week with a beautiful lunch was the best decision of the week, and particularly due to the fact that TokTok had such an authentic, peaceful atmosphere. Sitting there only fuelled my desire to travel around South-East Asia, where food like this is being made everywhere. Ahhh, one day!


I’ll leave you now so that I can delve into my wanderlust daze.

But, if you like the sound of this place, please go and check it out:

Website: TOKTOK
Address: Shop 1 – 129 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland

Sorry again about the wait readers!

I’ll try not to be so slack again! xx





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