Cereal Killa

Not long ago, I visited Casa Del Gelato and wrote about their delightful milkshake masterpieces. I have, yet again, struck milkshake gold, with a series of new and interesting concoctions – and yes, there is candy floss involved too!

The name in itself, Cereal Killa, describes the effect of which this meal has had upon me today. I am in quite a state of delirium and lightheadedness of which I am not sure I can quite recover from, caused either by the huge amount of  caramel sauce that I just consumed or just the overwhelming golden goodness of the milkshakes appearance when it was presented.


The cafe itself was small and quite quaint. It didn’t have any particular unique aspect to it that differentiated it from any other small cafe in Auckland, and yet it was filled with people, and the limited seating area was frequently being filled by newcomers every 5 minutes. I discovered this little place on Instagram (of course!), and made it my ambition to witness these infamous milkshakes.

As you can see, the cafe is rather cute and the staff were all very friendly, so I have very little complaints to bear. Albeit somewhat cramped, Cereal Killa harboured charm, with a range of different people, from young to old, it posed no prejudice to anyone -you know how some cafes are definitely constructed for a certain type of person? Well, Cereal Killa was as welcoming as ever. I usually feel uncomfortable in cramped and busy places, with a sense of anxiety creeping in, but here I was too focused on chatting to my friend Shani and setting about my ‘Caramel Waffle special shake’ to notice.


The cost of the milkshakes weren’t unreasonable either, whilst Casa Del Gelato’s milkshake tower of chocolatey goodness cost me around $17, this golden wonder cost me only $12.50. I say ONLY, but honestly, the drink is a meal in itself, so even though I ordered the Acai Bowl for something like $14 (admittedly, I purchased it to counter-act the cavity-inducing beverage) I was unable to finish either in the end but I don’t regret spending the money. For those who know me, they know I hate spending money on food, but recently I have been a slave to going for coffee breaks and cafe food, and I won’t say that I don’t enjoy it, but maybe I should be a little more sparing with how much I spend. Holidays are expensive!! Nevertheless, it has all been worth it.


If you have a craving for sweetness, or just plain curiosity around the combination of candy floor and whipped cream…visit here.


360h Dominion Road
Mt Eden




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