Best Ugly Bagels

Everyone has those places they are determined to visit but never seem to get around to going. Amongst my long, winding list of these locations was Best Ugly Bagels: something I wouldn’t exactly refer to as a restaurant but is more than your average café. The classic rustic bread and topping combination made fancy but…actually not? Ever heard of that before? Definitely. So, why is this place any different from any other bagel shop?

Honestly, I don’t often eat bagels and seldom visit bagel shops for that matter, which makes my conclusions somewhat lacking in research and validity. However, I know good food when I taste it and if that isn’t a simple enough way of evaluating a place to eat, then I don’t know what is. 

It’s all very well calling yourself BEST Ugly Bagels, but it does put rather a lot of pressure on the product itself, however they manage to save themselves the expectation of perfect presentation in the name, so perhaps it’s a win-win. Note: the bagels are actually not in the slightest bit ugly and are actually some of the best bagels I have ever eaten. Therefore, they didn’t really miss the mark with the café name.


Although it’s typical nowadays to see charming yet rugged baristas with long hair tied into a bun and sporting intricate tattoos serving your coffee, the staff at Best Ugly Bagels are more than just your typical café staff members. When I went up to order, I asked for the T.A.B Bagel (Tomato, Avocado, Basil) and much to my surprise, the guy at the till called out my order nonchalantly and every other member of staff in the room called back my order to him. It was like watching a message being sent through the mind, as if from ear to brain, a body of staff so in sync; and within minutes there lay my T.A.B Bagel on the counter. I don’t think anyone could possibly complain about slow service, because I hardly had time to sit down before my order was ready!


Fortunately, these pleasant little bagels don’t cost an arm and a leg either. At a reasonable price of $9.00 for a simple Tomato and Avocado Bagel and the more fancy range only costing a few dollars extra, I reckon that this little warehouse wonder is a diamond in the rough. Sitting in Auckland city centre, a breakfast, lunch and even dinner location for anyone with a lust for good ol’ basics on some of the most delightful bagel dough I have ever had. Soft, doughy, fresh and made right in from of you, straight from the stone oven. How authentic can you get?


Best Ugly Bagels is not far off living up to it’s name and for someone who rarely eats bread, I am sitting here tonight, writing this, wondering what excuse I can conjure up to visit again. A Sunday morning hangover cure perhaps? Maybe.


Take a cheeky peek at their yummy website here.

OR take my recommendation and visit yourself:

Cnr Wellesley & Nelson St,
Open 7am – 3pm, 7 Days



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