Casa Del Gelato

America has many milkshake abominations, Australia has multiple milkshake crazes surfacing left, right and centre (check them out here, they are amazing!), and even little New Zealand has it’s very own chocolate-filled surprise hiding within Parnell, in a small, deceptive cafe called Casa Del Gelato. If you’re guilty pleasure is chocolate, this place is for you because there is certainly no shortage of sweetness here.

Once upon a time, these creations would have been considered over-the-top and excessive, a thing of childish dreams perhaps. Yet, here I was…sitting at a little white table with a charming handwritten menu in my hand, making one of the hardest decisions of my life: do I choose the Iced Mocha with a Brownie or the Banoffee Milkshake?

As I am the most indecisive person you will probably ever meet, I was left umming and ahhing about which to choose, whilst simultaneously trying to ignore the fact that I was really about to allow myself to spend $17.50 on a milkshake. I was wrong to ever doubt the decision, because it was worth every cent, purely in presentation! I ended up ordering the Iced Mocha with an added Brownie (just because I could) and waited in anticipation, flooded by the beautiful sunshine that fell upon my shoulders in the cute, floral outdoor area of the cafe…then they arrived.

Iced Mocha & Brownie $17.50, Nutella Milkshake with Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream $16

I will allow you a second to let this picture just sink in. Just look at that.



WELL!? Isn’t it amazing. These milkshakes look like what you pictured in your mind when you went to the kitchen one day as a child to make something chocolatey and delicious but wasn’t sure what. However, in grabbing the chocolate sauce, ice-cream, whipped cream and hundreds and thousands, you slowly realised that the law of gravity would not allow you to tower 3 scoops of ice cream and half a bottle full of whipped cream on top of each other without it falling apart. So, instead I have now made the mature decision to pay someone else to do it for me; a much wiser decision that has obviously come with age and an income!


It gets even better. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you can even add “a cloud” for a little extra. What is “a cloud”, you ask? It is a cotton candy cloud that sits around the milkshake. Can you believe it? I think next time I go, I may have to just get the cotton candy cloud added, just for the sake of it! Frankly, with these things you can never have too much because apparently the hipster-world has influenced the young generations of society into believing that these abominations are not over-the-top or ridiculous but a thing of admiration and desire. Well, how can you blame us!?

Are you salivating right now?

Check out Casa Del Gelato yourself here, or go there yourself!

279 Parnell Rd,
Auckland 1052,
New Zealand



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