Gimme S’more

Decadent, delicious and a little dangerous (for your health, that is). A creative, chocolatey concoction made intially as a hangover cure, leading shortly to a delirious food coma. Warning: this is not for the feint-hearted or anyone without a serious sweet tooth.

For those who have no idea what a “S’more” is, it’s an American sweet sandwich-like snack traditionally composed of Graham crackers, melted marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate. However, in little New Zealand down here, we don’t really sell Graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate on every supermarket shelf in the country, therefore we had to settle for similar sorts of crackers and chocolate to replace the latter.

In this instance, we decided to go to the next level and make more than just the traditional S’more. My friend Georgia and I decided to make a dip version made with the ingredients of a S’more. Resulting in a WHOLE pan of melted marshmellows and chocolate with pieces of cookie as the base. If that isn’t some kind of heaven on earth, I don’t know what is.

It isn’t rocket science: crumbled cookies, layered with chocolate slabs and topped with marshmallows. This is probably one of the easiest homemade treats ever and just oh-so-satisfying. Et voila! S’more dip + teaspoon = potentially diabetes but no regrets. An ultimate cheat day treat.


Hungover? Hungry? Feeling down?

Treat yourself.

Evie x


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