Strawberry Picking in Kumeu

Guilty pleasures, day trips and cute excursions to new places is one way to spend a sunny day with your friends. However, there is no guilt in relation to my unconditional love for strawberries. Ever since I was a young girl I have adored these sweet, ripe red berries, eating vast amounts of them in one sitting and gorging myself on them at every chance I got. Mum would bring home a punnet of them from the supermarket and would have to hide them from me in order to keep them from being eaten. So, as you can probably tell, I am undeniably a strawberry fan. Therefore, when my friend Georgia suggested we go strawberry picking as a group activity, I was definitely up for it.


We all bundled into the car, taking about 40 minutes to drive west from Devonport. Driving along the long roads, with Justin Bieber’s new album pumping from the speakers, we crossed the rural hills towards Phil Greig’s Strawberry Gardens in Kumeu. The sun was beaming down on us, and despite the thick patches of cloud floating around, the heat and humidity were high enough to provide summery conditions perfect for a day out of this nature.

My inner-child was released and indulged upon seeing these cardboard cutouts. Overwhelmed with giddy excitement, we all paid an entry fee of $7.50, which includes the first kilo of strawberries that you pick. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, one kilo of strawberries would even conquer my boundless appetite. We ran eagerly towards these cutouts to take the obligatory picture of each other as either a strawberry or an ice cream.

The best part? Fresh fruit berry ice cream. A small price to pay for a large helping of fresh, fruity deliciousness.


A perfect day out with a goody bag and a full stomach to go home with at the end, what more could you want?!

Evie x



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