My First Senior Ball

“Dance till the stars come down from the rafters. Dance, Dance, Dance till you drop.” -W.H Auden

It’s the time that us girls have been talking about for the past year, the imminent event is upon us. The school ball. The excruciating year is almost over, exams aren’t quite around yet so why not have a little party to celebrate the close of a challenging year of hard work, endurance and late nights, organised by the school itself. It’s almost as if the seniors are given this small token of appreciation in the form of a formal ball. Perhaps not appreciation as I am pretty sure most of the teachers at the school will resent half of the students by the end of this year with half of the hell that we have put them through. Not guilty!


When it comes to Ball prep, there are three crucial things for girls to organise: the dress, the hair and the makeup. Then there are all the other extras like nails, fake tan, jewellery etc etc! It all sounds very easy, but I can’t think of a more stressful and expensive process that any average student girl must endure during her high school life.


The dress: well I was lucky enough to have my dress sorted months ago because I am borrowing one of my Mum’s old ones but many of my friends have been talking about the prospect of getting a dress for months, page after page of online shopping, hours of in-depth discussions and indecision all for this one dress. It sounds silly, but it’s all worth the effort for the end result. It’s not too dissimilar to a bride on her wedding day, she needs a perfect dress to have a perfect day. I had a big problem the day before when a second potential dress arrived and much to my mind’s displeasure, I now had two amazing choices to pick from…I was so stuck! However, after lots of deliberation I chose to stick with the original one and I am so glad that I did because not a single person had a dress similar to me, I would have been very, very surprised if they had! I am very grateful that my Mum was kind enough to let me borrow the dress for the event, it’s all thanks to her!

The hair: endless and endless possibilities, some of which I never knew were possible to create but it is amazing what you can do with a mop of hair on a good day. I decided that I needed a little change, something new from the boring mousey brown that I have had for almost my entire life. Therefore, I decided to get blonde highlights put in and in all honesty, a week later, I still catch myself looking in the mirror with surprise as I realise the blonde strewn through my hair. I had a great job done at Vauxhall Rose salon in Devonport and it was three hours sitting in a salon chair well spent I think, with friendly conversation, a spinning chair and the reflection of my ridiculous appearance to keep me amused. I wanted to recreate a Lauren Conrad style that I found on Pinterest, a natural blonde look all wrapped up in a messy bun. Here is the desired effect that I was hoping for…12053131_10207089478610619_392580381_n

And the was the final result was not to dissimilar so I was stoked.

Finally, the makeup: a simple, yet complicated! Typically, I’m going for the smokey eye look that everyone usually goes for but I think that it will suit the outfit well and if I’m honest, the school ball is not the prime time to get inventive with makeup and hair. Stick to what you know ladies, just on this occasion.


Therefore, along the lines of this thought, I chose to get my makeup done by a family friend Jemma Standley. Being a family friend, I knew that she would have no problem with helping me out. It’s very useful knowing people like Jemma who can help you at with things like this because it’s always nicer to have a friendly face do these things than some random person in store who know little of the usual type of style that you like, that suits you and that will work. Jemma did an amazing job, transforming my teenage, pimple-infested face into a work of art. She also did my friend Anna’s makeup, who look absolutely beautiful too!



Getting ready was only half the fun too. Once my dress was on, my date had arrived ,looking very suave I must say, and corsage was attached, I was ready to go! I was finally getting excited, so much so I was shaking a little!


From the pre-ball we got on a Party Bus, with neon lights and blasting music to get us pumped up. The Ball venue was Alexandra Park in Greenlane. a racecourse location by day, transformed into a beautiful Winter Wonderland, complete with multitudinous fairy lights and streams of white, snowy fabric appropriately draped over every table. I could not believe how amazing everybody looked and how incredible the venue was! Smart suits and beautiful dresses in every direction!



As it was my first school ball, I had no idea what to expect and I was definitely pleasantly surprised with the outcome: lots of dancing, great company, lovely photos and the food wasn’t bad either to be honest! I was so glad to see everyone having such a good time and with songs like “Sex On Fire” by Kings Of Leon and “Mr Brightside” by The Killers it is hard not to join in with the dancing.


And guess what…I kept my heels on ALL night. Most girls discard their shoes after the photos are done and there is no need for them anymore, but being a short 5’2 I need all the help I can get. So, with an ultimate goal of maintaining my extra couple of inches that night, I endured the faint screams of pain from my little toes towards the end of night. Beauty is pain after all!

Here are some photos from the night because I know you’re probably dying to see! Courtesy of Ben Campbell photography. Prepare for a lot of them!






12071878_10207088982238210_2056980967_n (1)

Dress: Alexander McQueen
Shoes: Moochi
Corsage: Florienne
Hair: Vauxhall Rose
Makeup: Jemma Standley

Now I am on holiday and will definitely take as much time to chill as possible before exams next term. It’s nearly the end of the school year and I still can’t get my head around how fast it has flown by.

Have a lovely week everyone.

Evie xx


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