Queen’s Birthday on Queens Wharf

“I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Apparently that quote is legitimate.

Happy Belated Birthday to the Queen. Well in fact, her actual birthday in is April so that would be very belated but this celebrated bank holiday corresponds with that of the potentially best weather possible (obviously directed at Northern Hemisphere seasonal climates) so that one can celebrate the birth of the Queen beneath sunny skies.11329579_10206205550432967_1466043928_n

Really, other than the ability to have a day off school, I don’t see the point of this holiday when she has her actual birthday in April and it’s not like we don’t commemorate her enough, I mean come on she’s the Queen, she’s great! Like when that time she came out to the races in a bright yellow two-piece suit, I marveled at that sight, I really did. No one can get away with such a balmy, yellow in full flourish quite like her. Isn’t it ironic that we are celebrating her life and birth one day and the next a BBC journalist mistook a rehearsal announcement of her death for the real thing and splurting it out into social media…how does someone mess that up? A desperate journalist perhaps…a bad source…but still, a huuuuuuge thing to put out into the media without thinking of the consequences of it. Read more about the scandal here. Long live the Queen!11275706_10206205546992881_1087997795_n

So anyway, Auckland took it upon themselves to make an event of this day and pull together every single Great British stereotype they could think of and place them in The Cloud on Queens Wharf in the city centre. We were greeted at the entrance by a huge crowd surrounding a couple of bagpipe players in kilts, which everyone seemed fascinated with, especially the kids. Neighbour to this commotion was a line of beautiful old cars that lead all the way inside where I came face to face with my dream car: the original vintage mini. Every time I see one of these little cars I go a little weak at the knees. I like to think they are me in a car: small and nifty with slight troubles when getting up steep hills. I’m only joking!

Hung from the roof of The Cloud was red, white and blue bunting cast from one side to the other which was very patriotic. Beneath it were head-in-the-hole pictures of various former queens and kings that we had a little go in, a surprisingly difficult ordeal when capturing a convincing picture as you can see below… Further on there was various English sports being played by kids such as Badminton, Croquet (the ultimate stereotype), Tennis and Bowls along with various tea-related stands where you couldget your picture taken alongside a table of china cups. It seems to me like England’s stereotype only covers a very small population of the country as in my time in England I hardly ever played tennis, never Bowls, and drank out of mugs rather than china teacups. Sometimes I wonder if the queen has her own mug with bold lettering on it like we all do, perhaps she gets bored with china teacups and silver teapots. Who knows.

Very ridiculous


At the back of The Cloud was the food section which I did not go into but I can only imagine there were biscuits, tea, English sweets and lollies and anything else they could scramble together that was remotely English. It’s funny really how nostalgic I felt in this place at the time, yet it was laughable at how England is portrayed. “Darn good fun though ha ha ha”, I like to think she would say and then she would jump onto the bouncy castle and have the time of her life…or not.

Next door to this in Shed 5 (i think it was), there were many stalls selling clothes and various junk shops with dare I say it, MORE TEACUPS, but to be honest it wasn’t very exciting. However, the parts that I wished I could have stayed on for were the live performances that were going to be going on for the day which were scheduled such as various dances, and the compact fairground that was constructed outside, complete with…you’ll never guess…SPINNING TEACUPS. Sometimes I wish I was a child again and could ride on these things and believe they were the most exciting things I had ever experienced, it’s sad how adolescence steals these childish joys from you. Then again, if there hadn’t been so many children, I would have been all over that fairground.

All in all I’d say that Queen’s Birthday on Queens Wharf was relatively unexciting but it’s a nice excuse to get and do something different and get yourself involved in the events that take place in Auckland purely for the experience of it. Only then can you say you have been there done that. You can’t say you don’t like something unless you have tried it before.

Have a lovely week all. Evie x


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