“If you beg a man for victory, it’s his victory, not yours” – Stokely Carmichael

Having studied black civil rights for the past couple of months in History at school, I have really developed an appreciation for the amount of time and effort that those people involved dedicated to the cause that Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders such as Malcom X and Stokely Carmichael. It’s Martin Luther King who everyone knows; a household name. And yet these other men made a huge difference to the movement in different ways and hardly anyone has heard of them, I know that I didn’t up until a few weeks ago. Have you? This is why I love history as a subject, because not only does one learn the facts, but one can relate to the particular period and people in that time just by learning about them, therefore seeing what we have adapted from to become what we are today. It’s just something to think about.

ANYWAY, on to the actual topic of my blog post today, Dizengoff. A little cafe in Ponsonby just beyond Nosh supermarket. I found this place by chance searching for inspiration on Google, literally typing in “good cafes in Ponsonby” after I was assigned Cafe-finder by Mum after I insisted that I really did not mind. Dizengoff popped up accompanied by blazing five stars and glowing reviews so obviously I thought it was a no brainer that this would be the place to go for breakfast that Sunday morning.

The exterior of the cafe is what one would describe as simplistic and urban, with big, bold, black letters reading DIZENGOFF on the front of the cafe, with a grey background but in all honesty it was simply to online reviews that influenced my choice. In all of my times visiting Ponsonby on the weekends I had never spotted the place despite its hustling bustling interior, but perhaps it’s just out of the way from the shopping area and Ponsonby Central so it would be unlikely that I would have noticed it.


Upon walking into the cosy cafe I was greeted by two rows of tables assorted around a white-tile counter and a huge coffee machine-the type that real baristas have! The thing that got me was the menu posted up on the wall in a big list and not much description, so I told Mum to order for me and she got me Avocado on Toast and a Green Tea. When it arrived I was a little underwhelmed, it was more like Avocado Beside Toast but the tea was great, it came in a little metallic teapot which I love in cafes so that revived my opinion a little! However, Mum’s Eggs Benedict looked great! I wish I knew what to order more, not only am I indecisive but I always wish I could walk in and say “I’ll have what they’re having” and point to a good-looking dish without knowing exactly what it is because spontaneity can be fun sometimes! But usually, I would not do that!

If you’ve been to Dizengoff and have a completely different opinion, please share! I’d like to know what I should have ordered!

Have a lovely weekend.

Evie x


4 thoughts on “Dizengoff

  1. Dizengoff are interesting because they have a Jewish menu. No bacon to be found here, instead you’ll find pastrami, salmon and other kosher delicacies. If you’re not vegetarian, it might be interesting to try their bacon alternatives 🙂


  2. I’m so disappointed in reading this, Evie. With all due respect to your mum, she might as well have pushed the button saying “avoid everything interesting here.” Avocado on toast is only in extremely rare circumstances going to reflect the imagination of a chef or the vibe of a place. In her favour, one-word menu items are not the most helpful! Next time definitely do have a subtle peek at other people’s meals. Maybe try the world-famous mushrooms on either sourdough, 5-grain or bagel, any of the egg dishes especially the crispy-edged fried eggs which are available but very menu-shy. Maybe one of their re-imagined salads or, at a push, the french toast no-one can finish unless they’re severely hung over. Winter is also good for the immense vat of porridge and the roast veg pasta is a favourite. I don’t have any connection other than I have been a customer many years so, yes, you have most unfortunately – but definitely – missed out on most of what there is on offer here 😦


    1. I am so glad to have a comment such as this that I can learn from. I never questioned the imagination of the chef, I did look at the other plates of food (especially the French Toast) and thought how good they looked! I will probably go back for another try. Thank you very much for commenting and sharing your opinion. x


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