The Powerstation

“Music should be your escape” – Missy Elliott

There are few things in my life that amount to the significance that music holds in my mind. It is my solace. It is calm and restful even in its most abrasive form because there is a power in songs, in their music lyrics that can lighten any heavy heart. In my personal experience, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like some sort of music which shows that it is probably one of the most popular form of common interests shared worldwide, making for a huge industry of constant discovery curating trillions of dollars.

I think the most appealing thing about becoming a musician is not the money or the fame, but the travelling and the experience. I envy those who are paid to travel around the world and go on tours, meeting incredible people and seeing new places annually, it’s one of my dreams. However, playing music is not my calling, I think that the music industry is a very difficult nut to crack if you want to be big, you either have to know the right people or have to have enough talent to stand out, even if it’s only to a small sector of the world! The X Factor and *insert country name*’s Got Talent are so overrated now, there is nothing exceptional about it and everyone knows by now that it is all set-up and tweaked for the benefit of viewer satisfaction. It’s names like Adele that represent true accomplishment, starting from nothing and working her way to the top and doing it for the music!

POWERSTATIONANYWAY. Moving onto the subject matter of this blog post: The Powerstation. On the edge of Auckland City Centre in Grafton, The Powerstation is a small “music mecca” that has hosted 30 years of live music history. Big names such as the Ramones, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead are only some of the stars that have performed at the understated venue on Mt Eden Road. I have only been to two shows there, once to see Broods and most recently I watched Paulo Nutini jazz it up! Unfortunately, being under 18 I couldn’t get onto the Ground Floor as it was R18, however I believe that the upper floor is somewhat better in that there is a balcony which offers a pretty good view of the stage. Being a small area, there isn’t really a “bad view” of the stage in any corner of the place which means that there is little space for disappointment. When I turn 18, it will be interesting to see what the ground floor is like, perhaps I am yet to see the best part of the venue?! The layout of the place seems to me like a nightclub sort of place, with an upstairs and downstairs bar, complete with wall benches, tall tables and plush couches dotted around the ground floor, all of which adds to the atmosphere of the music I guess. Here is pictures of when I saw Broods perform, a brilliant kiwi sibling act with beautiful lyrics and catchy music. 11186476_10205921673536222_1617574743_n

When I went to see Paulo Nutini in April, there was so much energy in the room! One thing that will always stay in my mind is the old couple in the crowd who started dancing together, clasped in each other arms as Paulo sang. I mean, everyone loves a cute old couple but this was genuinely the nicest thing to see in a place like the Powerstation that one of the younger generation would assume is place void of elderly people but Paulo Nutini’s music is the type to appeal to many types of people! Another brilliant sight that night was one of a young, ginger guy who was so ensconced in the music that he was ignorant of anything around him, he jumped danced like no-one was watching, except I was and it was one of the best things that I have ever seen, I couldn’t help but laugh at how much he was enjoying myself, it was very difficult not to smile!11093339_10205921678336342_712130552_n

As you can see, the balcony offers a good view and sorry for that weird fish-eye effect on the picture, that kind of trips me out a bit the more I look at it…11198911_10205921727857580_408307612_n

More upcoming shows include Charlie XCX on 5th May which I wish I had known about before because I would have definitely bought a ticket!! I think next years New Years resolution is going to be to see more live music because it’s worth so much more to spend your money on experiences that you will remember forever, not that I don’t love buying clothes!

If you want to check out the venue go to:

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Evie x


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