Auckland Art Gallery

“If you wipe a dirty spot off the wall you’ve removed it, but you haven’t eliminated it. You’re stuck with a dirty cloth you didn’t have before” – Billy Apple

Today I had my intake of culture in the form of Art. It was a spur of the moment decision to visit the Auckland Art Gallery as my friend Georgia and I were already in the city having walked from Ponsonby to Queen St, we opted to kill some time in the midst of creative design while we waited for our friend to arrive in the city from a football game. After scabbing a free hot chocolate from Gloria Jean’s Coffee, because Georgia conveniently had a free coffee on her loyalty card and kindly offered to buy me one, we headed up to the gallery nearby. A perfect hot chocolate to me is topped with a plentiful, light layer of froth and Gloria Jean’s Baristas got it just right, Thank You! 
Auckland Art Gallery

It’s not a phenomenal looking place, nor is it anything in comparison with Paris’ Louvre, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art or The National Gallery in London as they are of some of the best in the world, nevertheless the gallery does has things to offer that you wouldn’t find at home so it’s worth the visit. Often, they have different displays from new artists every couple of months; a few months ago there was The Light Show which was amazing, the manipulation of light to make art and it’s portrayal throughout the rooms was actually interesting believe it or not! I went three times!11160391_905763889485690_1058400452_n

Currently, there is the Billy Apple Exhibition, an alternative collection of conceptual art. Some pieces wouldn’t necessarily strike you as art but it is bold and Georgia and I were picturing our big future studio apartments with big walls to house such canvases, admiring their modern insight into art which was quite refreshing to see as most people assume art galleries are just old paintings. 11185780_10205875417059839_1404105175_n

Many people look at art and merely glaze over it, admittedly I do the same with a lot of it but some pieces really catch my eye because they are unique and different. I also like the juxtaposition used in art, when a picture is taken and text is printed over the top to contrast with the picture behind it, like the picture below for example, it is so blatant in its approach to the harsh truths of life…11173448_10205875419539901_669663123_n

On the other hand, as Georgia and I were saying today, it is so easy to pick anything out in the world and call it art. Judging by the many art pieces in the gallery, there is obviously a lot of background thought put into them but not much delivery. We spotted things like a clothes rack with random pieces on, or a lightbulb coloured with paint hanging from the ceiling…is it art because someone’s perspective made it so or can art be absolutely anything?



Nevertheless, I still enjoy wandering around the gallery when there are new exhibitions to marvel at. The Auckland Art Gallery exhibitions are definitely worth checking out because I’ve found that they are always innovative and quite spectacular. In reality, art is not a passion of mine but I think that it’s a shame that so many people shun art galleries because they think that they are boring. For some, maybe.


So, go and check out Billy Apple’s exhibition and the rest of the gallery too! It’s a shame that they no longer have the wall of Lego that was open to the public, I spent quite a lot of time playing with it when it was around the last time I visited, a whole shelf of millions of little pieces of pure white Lego built up into skyscrapers reaching at least 5ft in height! Phenomenal and a lot of fun.

If you want to know more, check out their website:
Or go there yourself, just on the corner of Kitchener Street and Wellesley Street, parallel to Queen Street.

Culture isn’t all boring!

Evie x


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