Mekong Baby

“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts and end to mankind.” – John F.Kennedy

Firstly, as it is ANZAC Day today, I would like to pay my respects to the brave men and women who contributed their efforts to the War and the men who lost their lives at Gallipoli. Lest We Forget.

On a lighter note, I have something wonderful in store for today’s post! Let me introduce to you, Mekong Baby Restaurant & Bar, situated in Ponsonby this place is one of my go-to locations for lunch, dinner or a special occasion! They offer an open window in to Southeast Asian cuisine in a decadent, authentic way…meaning the chefs do not hold off on the spices! Mekong Baby

There is a certain modernity about Mekong Baby with its interior design, young and always attractive waiters and waitresses, usually of foreign descent I’ve found and decorative plant collections, bringing outdoor indoor with large potted palms and a large floral bouquet towering over me as I walk up to the bar. Not only is their approach to modernity obvious but their eye for clean cut classy design such as these light shades that would have actually looked perfect in our home corridor, however when we asked where they had got them from they unfortunately didn’t know! This is why being an interior decorator would be such a useful job, so that you could source all of these great pieces which much more ease than any average person.

The most recent time I visited Mekong Baby was for my birthday lunch after my facial and massage at the Beauty Loft (see The Beauty Loft), appropriately celebrated with a glass of pink champagne each and some divine food to match. I am an advocate for trying something new each time I visit the same place, so to start we ordered Betel Leaf, Crab, Kaffir Lime & Chilli ($6 each) which was essential a crab with leaf wrap, which i found a little strange to eat a leaf as it did not have much taste to it but I went along with it. Nevertheless, I must say that this small indulgent mouthful was truly a flavour bomb inside my mouth! I could taste the fiery chilli, the mellow crabmeat and the subtle kaffir lime. It’s a shame that they are $6 because I would have happily just had a couple more of these for lunch! These fancy little mouthfuls got me off to a good start. The other favourite  Small Beginnings of mine include the Quail Egg Dumpling ($6 each) and the Khmer Beef Skewers, though the menu is a little deceiving as the Skewers are in fact more like sliders (mini burgers) than skewers.11145963_10205782964788590_674414954_n

Following the Crab plate, we then ordered the Green Fish Curry, again choosing something that we had not experienced before which was so good that I actually forgot to take a picture of it before we finished it all off…of which Mum reminded me of afterwards, I merely substituted by taking a picture of the empty plate, just to prove my point! On the right is the Khmer Beef Skewers and the left is the remains of what was a Green Fish Curry…11160202_10205782964988595_369955794_n

One of the only flaws that I would give Mekong Baby is the price which is quite steep for the portion sizes but some would say that it is worth it for the flavour that you get for it. I’ll let you decide!

Click here to check out the Mekong Baby Restaurant & Bar menu.

Or visit them yourself!
262 Ponsonby Road

Open from Tuesday- Sunday, noon- late.

Happy Saturday all, I hope you are all relieved as I am that it is the weekend!

Evie x


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