The Beauty Loft

Hello there!

It’s official! I am finally 17 and what better way to celebrate than with a facial and a massage? With thanks to my lovely Mum I was able to experience such luxury at the Beauty Loft in Newmarket, Auckland.


There are so many beauty places around to choose from, and Mum managed to get a deal on GrabOne which is a site that offers vouchers for a huge amount of things from cooking utensils to spa days. Luckily, we grabbed this deal and I am very glad we did because it was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had! It’s a little place up on the second floor of 416 Broadway, Newmarket, but some of the best things come in small packages. Mum and I sat waiting for our appointment, given some complimentary lemon and ginger tea we looked around the place, noting it’s obviously intentional calm aesthetic design with the generic lounge music in the background which was easy to recognise as a CD on repeat as during my two-hour appointment I heard the same song about twice.

961728_10205782964468582_1627700763_nDuring our appointment, we were treated to a Mud Scrub for our backs followed by a massage for our backs, feet and legs which was amazing. Secondly, we were given a facial which resulted in very clean, plump skin which is nice to have as a person with difficult teenage skin. There were times during the massage that I thought I would fall asleep except I couldn’t breathe that well into that little hole they have in the top of the massage tables that was surrounded by towels, so I had to keep adjusting my head so as not to pass out! Relaxation can be a taxing process sometimes!

After a two-hour session I felt relaxed and certainly pampered. All in all it only cost about $170 for the two of us with the GrabOne deal, when the normal price would have amounted to over $200/$300.

It was not the most amazing place that I have ever been to, but they treated us very kindly and were friendly enough. If you want to check it out for yourself go to:

Or visit: Level 1, 416 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Save up and you won’t be disappointed, or spoil someone on their Birthday like I was! They offer other packages and treatments that include Nail Art, Waxing and more!

Have a lovely day everyone.
Evie x


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