Friday 13th and a Trip to Rocky Horror

“Stay sane inside insanity”- Columbia, The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I came to the conclusion earlier in the week that this weekend was going contain something exciting, more so than the predicted cyclone that is supposed to be arriving in Auckland on Sunday. (THANK GOD!) I am pretty sure that the majority of Auckland has been praying for this weather warning for weeks, the heat is just getting to everyone now, it’s humid, hot and frankly highly unwanted in my opinion. Rain, rain please come today, go away another day. See what I did there? So, in response to my friend’s plead to do something on Friday, as a group we formulated a plan to go out on the town…well…more like down to the village. We like to get rowdy sometimes, you see.

I find that some things that are less refined can be better in a way, a smudged edge here and there, something to relate to in this world of polished refinery. In this case, the shadow cast performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Vic Cafe Theatre, Devonport was just this, unrefined, a little messy but perfect for a good laugh and an entertaining Friday night. Every now and then, the Victoria Cinema down in Devonport hosts this event,conveniently on Friday 13th of all days.

brad and janet rocky horrorThe concept of a shadow cast seems a little silly, does it not? Why have someone silently act out what is happening on the screen behind? However, Auckland’s only shadow cast, Hot and Flustered Cast made it work! My friends and I had seen the movie before, so we were safe from being dragged up on stage much to my relief. I’m not a fan of public embarrassment and definitely not confident enough to embrace it. Half of the people brought up on stage looked incredibly uncomfortable, but that’s all part of the show, break the ice early!

Of course the show was interactive with the audience. We sang, shouted and danced the Time Warp with the rest of the audience! The show is not for the faint-hearted or the prudes because there is no shame in the performance of Rocky Horror! Most people know the story, but for those who don’t it’s about a new couple, Brad and Janet (as seen above), whose car breaks down and they seek shelter in Frank-N-Furter’s castle, a strange place filled with strange people, complete with lots of singing and dancing and alien concepts. Brad and Janet are introduced to many new temptations during their night at the castle whilst Rocky, Frank-N-Furter, a “sweet transvestite”, and his servants wreak havoc in the castle. It’s all a little peculiar if I’m honest, as I myself was a first-timer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Performance, i didn’t know what to expect.arsehole slut rocky horror I was impressed by the confidence of the actors on stage, stripping down to a minimal amount of clothing and dancing in corsets takes a lot of courage, especially as a man! The audience loved it though, and the comical way in which they went about the potential awkwardness of it was great, almost making fun of themselves during their serious performance. There were so many dimensions to the performance: the film behind, the actors, the water pistol attacks during raining scenes, the rice thrown at the wedding scene and the cat-calling from the audience, timed perfectly to manipulate the characters’ words. We left the cinema covered in rice and spatters of water and slipping on the remains of it under my feet as we danced the Time Warp.

rocky horror final showHonestly, my advice is that if you haven’t seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show, you need to because it’s a must-see, regardless of its peculiarity.

Want to know a little more about the Hot and Flustered Shadowcast? Click here to go to their Facebook page.

To know more about The Victoria Cafe Theatre go to, they do organized functions such as these and obviously also show movies! Come along if you’re about! The next event coming up presents Boyhood, a movie fundraiser for the Devonport Community House.

I’ve had so much work at school recently that I’ve had to put it down to one post a week on my blog but I hope to keep you entertained and informed in those weekly posts!

I hope everyone had a good week!
Evie x


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