Getting Junk & Disorderly

“Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once” – Woody Allen

There are usually three kinds of people in the world: those who adore junk shops, those who are indifferent and those who shiver at the thought of one. I guess the name doesn’t really sell itself particularly well, but then again the saying: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” only goes to show that there is something worth looking for in good ol’ junk shops, providing you’re not in a rush that is.

junk and disorderly interior

It was last sunny Sunday that my friend and I insisted we must do something and not sit around all day hiding from the 27ºC heat. Now, my friend has a talent for finding little places like Junk & Disorderly on their Instagram, places that I would never have found in a million years on my own but to be honest it’s quite a useful trait in a Best Friend. So, she sent me a picture of this place and I was instantly sure what I wanted to do that day, so she picked me up and off we went!

LOVEWhen we walked in it was as if I was in a whole new world with a combined juxtaposition of items; new and old, bright and dark, clean and dusty, and immediately I wanted to explore the place.
You know how junk shops sometimes have that weird dusty smell, almost like the smell of old wood? Well, this didn’t have that, but more of a warm smell of something like my money going down the drain, becoming stronger as I walked further into the store.

I have to admit, I am more of the modern junk shop kind of gal, I can’t take an old piece of antique furniture and envision a new life within it, or flick through hundreds of old vinyls and CDs unless I really did have all day! I tend to save that for CD stores, which are sadly less of a normality these days. So, naturally I went for the shinier section of the shop first and marvelled at the things there.

junk PUGHere is my favourite piece in the entire shop! I know pugs are like Marmite, you either hate them or you love them but just look at this atrocity…it’s amazing! There were lots of smaller ornaments like this too: sheep, pugs planters, dinosaur planters, all these things that I never knew I wanted lay before my eyes! The proximity of new and old really made this place unique for me, it can appeal to so many different kinds of people and the best part… 30% off new products at the moment!! When we found this out, we felt as if we must buy something! It’s funny how a discount can instantly make the decision of whether to buy something so much easier.junk and disorderely vasesThere were tonnes of pieces of furniture that could so easily be done up and made into something really cool, for example i saw some old square metal lockers that are practically made to be in a studio apartment. Chaise lounges, vintage fur coats, antique cabinets, old vinyls, English tableware, books, homeware, cushions…this shops had it all! I spent a good hour here, and went around at least 3 times, I just didn’t want to leave and was so adamant I’d find something to buy however I managed to persuade myself I didn’t NEED these things, which is very rare but I’m trying to save!. However my friend bought a vase in the shape of a gentleman that is just pure genius, along with this Stag vase which I want so badly, only because it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

Stag Vase $160
Charles Case Vase $69 

As you can see, there is some really cool stuff at Junk & Disorderly worth checking out! Also, something to take into account is that junk shops should never be underestimated as you always find the most interesting things and usually the nicest people there. I think this is because there is nothing superficial about stores like these, Junk & Disorderly is like that Grandma you visit who bakes supremely and is always full of brilliant stories to tell of the “good old days”- the type of grandma you can spend all day with, you just have to do a little digging first to get to the good stuff!

Junk and DisorderlyWant to check it out for yourself?

Go to:

Or visit:
Junk & Disorderly
18 Kawana St,

Have a lovely day everyone!
Evie x


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