Little & Friday

“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing”- Oscar Wilde

Pinch, punch, first of the month. Happy March!

The start of Spring for some, the start Autumn for others and I can honestly say I am glad. It’s so humid here in Auckland over the summer months and while I do enjoy the sun shining I can’t wait for it to be cold enough to wear jeans. God, I miss wearing jeans!! So, in celebration of this occasion I thought I would treat myself to a trip to Little & Friday Café in Belmont and delve into some pure indulgence because it’s Sunday and frankly, why not?

little blue dino

I love this place, I have since it opened (along with the rest of Auckland). Firstly, in order to enjoy this place you must have a welcoming approach to sharing tables with strangers and parting with a little more than just a few dollars. However, all of this is made up by the generous portion sizes and taste of the fantastic food! My favourite part about this place is the little ornaments placed on the tables: dinosaurs, lions, sometimes elephants, all just adding to the quirky personality of Little & Friday.

The best part? It’s all fresh! In this day and age, society springs at the mention of FRESH FOOD, FRESH INGREDIENTS but that’s the wonderful thing about Little & Friday, it’s fresh from the kitchen and it’s beautifully presented…but it’s not all healthy. You can eat it in or take it away! I mean look at this…tell me you’re not craving this stuff right now, it’s literally screaming TAKE ME HOME.

cream and raspberry donut
Cream and Raspberry yes please? $5.50
Quiches Galore nom nom nom $11.50

Mum and I arrived here this morning and we walked in to see the tiled counter, an array of decadence and deliciousness and I was completely stuck for choice…”savoury or sweet?”…”savoury or sweet?”…”Doughnut or Frittata?”…or both? We chose the Cream and Raspberry Doughnut (to take away) and the Mediterranean Frittata to share because we’re only little and it was quite the opposite! My other favourites are the Chilli Chocolate Doughnut which is absolutely TO DIE FOR (i have a slight obsession with chilli chocolate. It’s like the taste of chocolate with a tingle of heat) and only $5.50, Chocolate & Raspberry Cake $7.00, the massive Chicken Sandwich for an actually reasonable $10. 

sweet things
Sweet Tooth Teasing Cakes $7.00
Frittatas (An ideal Breakfast) $9.00

I guess when it’s coming out of someone else’s pocket the choice becomes infinitely harder. That sounds bad but we all know it’s true, I myself am cheap when it comes to some things, especially food…I feel that if you can’t wear it or use it then it doesn’t seem quite as worth my money BUT Little & Friday is a guilty pleasure of mine so I choose to make it an exception. I’m a sucker for cute cafés and good food so it seems a no brainer.courtyard

I kind of wish I was younger just so I could join in on the chalk drawings on the concrete outside the café. I can’t say enough how much I wish I was a kid again, especially when it comes to drawing with chalk! Ahhhh primary school memories.

I find it is Always, ALWAYS busy from 9 to 5, buzzing with mothers and children and friends meeting for a coffee. It’s only down the road from my school which is ideal! On the days of our exams, my friends and I would go there for lunch to refuel before the next one along with many other fellow students with the same idea.

Little & Friday is probably Auckland’s worst kept secret with its dainty mix ‘n’ match furniture, indoor-meets-outdoor design, unique flavour combinations and family friendly aura, the place is asking to be found! They even do dinners now! I have yet to experience those but just looking at this stone oven next door I can already sense that it would be good. Just look at that! stone oven

I know that everything about this store screams INDIE and TYPICAL CAFÉ but who cares? I seriously recommend this place to anyone with a good appetite and who’s lover of good food, especially if someone else is paying for you…


P.S you get a free mini donut bite with your barista-made takeaway coffee…need i say more?!

After all of this typing i just remembered there is half of that Doughnut left in the fridge…food baby here we come!

Want to check it out for yourself? Go to or to see more.

Have a wonderful March 1st.

Evie x

coffee and donuts


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