This is new for me!

Good Morning!

“All glory comes from daring to begin” – Eugene F.Ware

Honestly, I am a little excited, nervous and worried all rolled into one when it comes to thinking about this blog. I was lying in bed last night thinking of all of the endless possibilities, getting myself all worked up with excitement and only getting to sleep at 1:00AM. Bad idea. It may be Sunday, the well-known day of rest but the bags under my eyes are only aware of my restless 7-hour sleep.

sunny skies (blog)
A beautiful sky to start off the month of March in Auckland

So, what are my plans for this blog, you say? Well, in a nutshell, I plan to explore Auckland city including the rural parts too and take this blog along for the ride. Cafés, little coffee shops, events, markets, galleries, pretty views, recipes, local fashion designs and pretty much anything that Auckland has to offer! All in the hope that readers will take a look at Auckland through what it really is, a multicultural society with cubby-holes galore. It’s the unseen sites that the average tourist may miss on their visits and even those that locals know nothing of. This is something completely new for me, nothing like an Instagram post or pinning something new on Pinterest, this is more than that, it’s a story, if you like. Auckland’s the main character, and I’m the Damsel in distress, calling out to be saved from the boredom of every day routine. What are you, the reader? Well you’re like the Damsel’s companion, like the sassy Chameleon in Tangled for example. Most importantly you are the reader, the commenter and the sharer. You are the most important part of this blog and I thank anyone who takes the time out of their day to read it!

So I wonder what mischief can this city introduce us to? I can’t wait to find out, can you?

Evie x


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